Welcome to the 2018

Local Account for adult social care.

This is Dudley Council’s annual report of our adult social care activity over the past year. Here we provide an overview of our progress over the year and outline what we intend to do in the coming year to further improve our services for local people.

Doing things differently


We have worked with local people to make sure that our local account is understandable, appealing and meaningful to our borough residents. In response to this feedback we have made this year’s local account an online report. This is more accessible, less ‘wordy’ and features a series of short films which feature our community reporters interviewing the council’s adult social care service leads. This different approach will we hope mean that more people read the report and understand the work that is taking place. For those people that prefer a traditional paper based annual report, a printed version of the local account summary report is still available  on request, or as a downloadable pdf. (link to click here?)


The support of local people from volunteer group The People’s Network has been a vital part of this year’s local account. A group of volunteers has formed the Local Account Reference Group, giving up their time and sharing their ideas and experience to make this year’s local account possible. The group have taken on the role of community reporters. They have worked to develop a series of probing questions for the adult social care service leads and filmed each other doing face-to-face interviews with these managers. These interviews have made a huge contribution to the report, making it relevant to local people, who use these services and ensuring that often difficult questions are asked. Our aim has been to really get local people fully involved and engaged in both producing and reading the local account.


It is also important to acknowledge the contribution of Dudley Healthwatch, which again has been vital to the development of this years local account, both in enabling local people to get involved and fully engage but also in championing the need to make public documents accessible and relevant to local people.  In this way, this year’s report shares a wider commitment to make Dudley Council a community council and adopt key values and behaviours that support this vision.

Our Key Values are:

By being accountable for everything we do and being transparent and open about why we do it


By being determined to get it right for our residents


By listening to and empowering residents and staff and by acting with respect in everything we do

Empowerment and respect

By striving for excellence in everything we do


By communicating clearly and reducing bureaucracy


By collaborating as one council and one borough

Working together

Challenges going forward


Our priority in delivering adult social care services remains to support people to live safely, independently, happily and healthily as possible throughout their lives.  In the year ahead there will of course be challenges as always, both new and persistent challenges to address Challenges going forward include:

  •  The impact of the living wage. This has had a huge impact on adult social care providers. We need to ensure they are able to meet statutory requirements, whilst delivering excellent service. Areas under particular pressure include residential care providers, domiciliary care providers and complex dementia care. 

  • Pressures on preventative services and the impact on mainstream social care services as well as ongoing demographic pressures – people living longer, more people with dementia and complex conditions

  • Ensuring a greater proportion of good and outstanding adult care and support provision in the independent sector.

  • The need to ensure strong safeguarding practices that places victims at its heart 

  • The need to reduce demand for high intensity, long-term care – both residential and at home care, with associated loss of choice and control for local people.

  • The aim to reduce avoidable admissions into hospital by developing better community-based prevention and care and support services.

  • The loneliness epidemic which has been identified and  need to reduce the numbers of local people who feel lonely and isolated  

Progress against last year’s challenges


This report gives an account of the progress we have made so far in tackling some of these challenges, along with other challenges we had identified.  In last year’s local account a number of specific challenges were highlighted. These were:

  • to improve information sharing

  • to improve support for carers and support so that carers don’t fall into crisis

  • to ensure people feel safer where they live

  • to ensure people are more in control of their care and support


In response to these key challenges, we have:


  • Fully updated our council website. Leaflets and public information to be compliant with national information standards.

  • Dudley Carers Hub and Wellbeing Service launched in Summer 2018. It offers a range of services to support unpaid carers, caring for a family member of friend. In addition a new preventative home based replacement care (sitting) service for carers is being piloted which aims to support carers to maintain their own health and wellbeing and support them in their caring role.

  • A new safeguarding hub has been introduced to improve the safeguarding response for children, young people and vulnerable adults.  The Dudley multi-agency safeguarding hub (MASH) brings together key professionals from organisations across the borough, including the council, police, probation, NHS and the voluntary sector.

The proportion of people using our service saying they feel ‘in control’ has increased

Matt Bowsher

Signed by Matt Bowsher

Cllr John-Martin

Signed by Cllr John Martin